Everything is Numbers

You're in a computer

I'm in a computer

Or are we?

There are so many things

Is a computer good enough for them all?

Big things can go away when you aren't looking

Little things do this too

So, the computer has an easy job!

This is great for the computer.

You can't see what's different either!

What makes everything numbers?

Can people be in computers?

The brain has to be in a computer for this.

If you are your brain, and your brain is real, you can be in a computer.

Will computers get better?

Now, computers aren't good enough for brains.

Computers get two times as good every two years. It will happen!

Do people want to put people in computers?

People want to know about people from a long time ago

People will still want to do this in long time too!

Can computers understand the brain? Yes!

Will computers be good enough? Yes!

Will people want to put people inside computers? Yes!

How many people are in computers? How many are not?

One person with a computer can put many people in it

So there are way more people in computers than not

But maybe you don't agree!

What could make this wrong?

Your brain may not be "you"

The brain may not be real

Computers may not get good enough

People may not be around in a long time

Or they might not want people in computers

How important is all of this?

To me, not at all!

The brain is real, and you

Computers are becoming great

People will still be around

Maybe you're in a computer

Maybe you're not

You don't know

But this doesn't matter

You're here, your friends are here

Love is here

Have fun!

This is something new!

I want to grow Toki Pona

So, I made this in English and Toki Pona

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i introduce myself

i introduce the Fun

i offer a moment to argue

there are so many things

but the things can hide

computers like the small work

seme li nanpa e ale

reason 1

reason 2

reason 3

review reasoning

argument in favor of ^




but fuck all the counterarguments

pilin sina li seme lon ken ilo?

o awen olin