jan Kekan San

jan Kekan San


Hey everyone! I'm gregdan3. I want to show you something strange!

Everything is numbers. If you're a thing, you're numbers.

Why is this? Many things make this possible.

I'll tell you!

You heard me right: You're numbers. So, you're in a computer!

But maybe you don't agree, because...

There are so many things. A computer can't have every thing... Right?

It can. Because...

In a computer, a thing can go away if you're not near it.

Also, really tiny things, even the tiniest things, don't have to be there all the time.

Because of these, a computer doesn't have to think about a whole big place, or all the tiny things.

The computer can show you only the big things near you.

The little things make the big things, so in the computer, only the big things are there most of the time!

This is easy work, so it's good for the computer. But it looks the same to your eyes!

So if you understand this, maybe you want to ask:

What makes everything numbers?

First, can places and people be in computers?

Like I said, places are not important. Your brain is way harder for a computer than a place!

People's brains do a lot, and have a LOT of things. And, lots of those things can't go away, right? They're important to people, to you!

Can brains be in computers?

Many people believe your brain is real. It doesn't live somewhere else, even a little. Because of this, a computer could understand it completely, and then your brain could be inside the computer.

In other words, the thing that makes you is in your head- your brain.

If the computer can understand all of your brain, it can have you inside it.

Second, are computers going to keep getting better over time?

We know that places and people could be inside computers if the computer could know them completely.

I also said that the computer can understand your whole brain if your brain is real and you.

But are computers good enough to do this?

There are lots of things in your brain. While I'm saying this, computers can't understand your whole brain.

But over a long time, computers will get better.

We've seen over a long time that computers get two times as good every two years.

If this stays true over a longer time, a computer will be able to do anything.

So, a brain won't be a big deal to a computer.

It could have you, and other people, and lots of things inside!

Third, will people a long time from now want to put people inside computers?

You can't know how things will be in a long enough time. You can't know how the people then will feel.

But, you can look at people right now, and know this about them:

People now want to know about the people from a long time ago. Right now, we can't put people in computers, but we are trying to know about the people from a long time ago!

If people could be in computers, the people of today would want to learn about the people of the past using computers!

So, people today probably would want to put people in computers, to learn.

If this want lasts a long time, the people a long time from now will also want to put people in computers.

And if they do this, they will do it a lot, so they can learn a lot!

I've said a lot so far. Let's go back over the important stuff:

Oh yeah, and if they put people inside computers, they put a lot of people in computers!

If this all is true, then you need to know:

How many people are in computers? How many people are not in computers?

If one person a long time from now has a computer, they can put lots and lots of people in it.

So, there are way more people in computers than not.

So, are you in a computer? Are you numbers?

There are so many more people in computers, that you have to be in a computer.

The numbers say that you're numbers.

But. Maybe you still don't agree.

What would have to be true for you to not be numbers? Let's look at that too.

First, the thing that makes you could be somewhere else- not just inside your head. Then computers could never understand you.

Second, computers may not become good enough. If they don't, people can't be inside computers, because brains will still be too much for them!

Third, people may not be around long enough because of something really bad happening. If there aren't people, they can't put people inside computers.

And last, if people are around long enough, they may not want to put people in computers. You can't know what people will want a long time from now!

This is a lot! But how important are they? To me, these aren't important.

The brain is a part of you, and you.

Computers will keep getting better.

People will still be around.

And people will always want to learn!

To me, things will be good, even in a long time.

And many others feel the same!

Now, maybe you think you're in a computer, and that you're numbers.

Maybe you still don't think so. You're not numbers, you're you!

In any case, I want to tell you something important:

Everything, and you, could be in a computer, could be numbers. You, and everything, could not be.

That doesn't matter!

No matter what, you're still here.

You, and your friends, and your hard work, and your laughs, are all still here.

Your still see, and hear, and feel.

Love is still here, and still important.

If you're in a computer, or not, so what?

If you're numbers, or not, so what?

You're here.

Keep caring about everyone close to you. And keep having fun!

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I want to grow Toki Pona, so I made this in both languages!

This way, many people will be able to follow along.

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Thanks to jan Tekinowi for the front picture, and thanks to jan Sa for the words you can read!

And last, thanks to you for watching and listening! Have a good one!