jan Kekan San

jan Kekan San


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This is my favorite fanart I’ve ever gotten, and it’s by Thelxinoe!

I can only use mun type pokemon!


The first fanart I ever got, from Cuymacu. Funny enough, he gave me a body with full arms and legs here, but part of the gag is that I have no body or arms or legs!

waso mu


Poking fun at my habit of correcting learners. I just want to help!

I dubbed this one!

Poking fun at another outcome of correcting people speaking Toki Pona: sometimes, my correction is wrong!

I dubbed this one too!


Everything here is from the talented Nyxoom! Show your support!


The second is actually a crop of one of my video thumbnails, but it’s a lovely avatar!


The fantastic work for my lesson series, see it here!


Funny, quickly made scribbles. I want to make an avatar out of one of these…


10/10 gag from Vallee

I used it in a thumbnail here!

the rats

From the rats!

For some reason, there is more than one alternate universe version of me out there!

waso Wen

from waso Wen, who makes games!

I used this one in a thumbnail because it’s comedy GOLD

dogi Koko

from dogi Koko, a brilliant and creative artist with a simple style!

Absolutely adorable!

jan Kita

jan Kita’s toki pona works are here!


A super talented artist with tons of cool work!

The transparent version

This one is built on jan Kita’s work before!



An adorable version of my usual thumbnails, by Drogobo!

I’m using it here!


lipamanka makes cool fonts and learning materials for Toki Pona!

jan Akesinu

We had a hilarious courtroom RP in the VR community, featuring a pipi store owner and its lost copies of pu, a flustered waso Keli as witness, a devious and cunning jan Tekinowi as prosecution, and jan Akesinu defending jan Tepo. Brilliant!

mi sewi Kekan San. o monsuta ala.

Art I still need to find a good way to include: