Exercise 1

Create a program that will implement the cp command. The program should read in the contents of a file from disk and write the contents to a new file on disk.

Exercise 2

Write a program that prompts the user for a hostname or IP address and then writes the entered hostname or IP address to a file. When Ctrl-C is pressed, the program should read the contents of the file.

Exercise 3

Create a client and a server socket based on the examples in the repo. Start a scapy sniffer with a filter to catch the traffic sent between the client and the server. A Google search of BPF packet filters will help. And on the pi, the sniffer should be run with Python version 2 due to version incapatibilities with scapy and Python version 3.6/3.7 on the pi.

Exercise 4

Create a program to download an image from the web and write it to disk.