Exercise 1

Fix the following program so that the user can run the program from bash with ./program1.py and modify it to handle a KeyboardInterrupt and print "No thanks man!"
print("Welcome to the most awesomest program ever"
name = input("What is your name?)
print(f"OK {nome}, who are your 5 favorite super heros?")
favorite_superheros = []
for i in range(0,5,1):
 hero = input(f"superhero {i}: ")
 print(f"Whoa man! Yeah, {favorite_superheros[i]} is so cool!")
 if i < "4":
  print(f"Still got {4 - i} left to go")
age = input("How old are you?")
print("Awesome! So in 5 years you will be {age + 5}! Dang that is old!")
user_info = {"name":name,"age":age,"favSups":favorite_superheros}
print(f"OK cool! So to like totally recap, your name is {user_info["Name"]}, you are {user_ingo["age"]} years old. And your 5 favorite super heros are {" ,".join(user_info["favSups"][:4]) + " and " + user_info["favSups"][-1]}")
print("Nice meeting you!")