Exercise 1

Print all files in the / directory in the long output format.

Exercise 2

Print the first 3 lines of /var/log/debug.

Exercise 3

Print the last 3 lines of /var/log/debug.

Exercise 4

Where is the binary for python stored?

Exercise 5

Make a directory called practice in /tmp.

Exercise 6

In the directory you just created, make a file called hello.txt that contains the text "hello".

Exercise 7

Make a copy of hello.txt with a new name.

Exercise 7

Move /tmp/practice/ into your home folder.

Exercise 8

Find the file adduser.conf.

Exercise 9

Find all files that contain "password" (case insensitive).

Exercise 10

Using the output of the previous exercise, print files that only appear in /var.

Exercise 11

Make a file called script.sh with the following contents:
echo "I have been executed!";

Exercise 12

Give all users execute and read permissions for script.sh

Exercise 13

Give the owner read/write/execute permissions, and deny all permissions to group and others for script.sh

Exercise 14

Delete script.sh

Exercise 15

Find the kernel version of your pi's operating system.

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