jan Kekan San

jan Kekan San

kama pona!

mi (me)

Hi, I’m jan Kekan San. I’m super active in ma pona pi toki pona, kama sona, and I’m a Toki Pona youtuber apparently! I love Toki Pona dearly and I want to meet more people interested in the language. I’ve done a lot to accomplish that!

I want to grow Toki Pona. It has given me so many opportunities and led me to some of the most driven and dedicated people I know. I want to help others find excitement in Toki Pona and help create more art in Toki Pona.

This site is all about Toki Pona, but not necessarily in Toki Pona. If it is in Toki Pona, it’ll be titled in Toki Pona!

ante (other things)

Others not in the webring:

fanart others have made for me!

ilo (tools)

tan mi (from me)

tan mi ala (from not me)

o toki tawa mi (talk to me)