jan Kekan San

jan Kekan San

Learn Toki Pona!

Table of Contents

o kama sona (Learn!)

o kama sona! This is my Toki Pona lessons series, Learn Toki Pona! Each lesson is like the chapter of a book, long and detailed. Each one has important info to absorb. Be patient, and learn well!

Start a memrise course or memorizing game to help memorize the words!

sona ante (Other Knowledge)

namako (extra)

I'm adding new lessons all the time! Check back once in a while.

These lessons work with Learn Toki Pona!, giving more examples, better understanding, and new ways of thinking about Toki Pona. Importantly, all of these lessons focus on how Toki Pona is used commonly, teaching the way most others will understand.

nasin (methods)

nasin is a collection of lessons focusing on specific uses of Toki Pona which you could encounter while speaking. These are not taught as a way to speak Toki Pona, but as a way of exploring what is possible and what others do. You may choose to use any/all of these nasin, or none of them, but all of them are beneficial to your understanding of Toki Pona.

toki (scripts)

Sometimes I write scripts- in which case, you'll find it here! These are written with a video or presentation format considered first, and a written format considered later.

ijo ante (other things)

tan seme (why)

Many people have asked, why did start my lessons series? Why did I go to all this effort when many others had made good lessons before?

There were many gaps in the existing lessons that I wanted to cover. Most other lessons do not have context-driven examples, with a situation a statement would exist in. Most other lessons introduced sitelen pona, but went no further. I couldn't find a single other lesson series that covered interjections beyond "a" and "mu." And I wanted to help with some of the terminology problems floating around the community!

This, and many more things, drove me to create my own series. But most of the credit belongs to the Toki Pona VR community, where I found the most fascinating and excited people to practice with and to teach! They drove me to begin writing down what I knew, to help more discover the language, and to grow the community.